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package tour

package tour
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a tour arranged by a travel agent; transportation and food and lodging are all provided at an inclusive price




    1. Do you have a package tour?
    2. Does anyone know if flights are included in the tour package?
    3. existing contracts with commercial partners based in the Member States offering accommodation and other package tour services;
    4. A tour operator shall make such safety rules and restrictions available for flights included in package travel, package holidays and package tours which it organises, sells or offers for sale.
    5. There is no statement in this chapter that Transavia operates scheduled flights to Mediterranean destinations and sells seats on those flights to tour operators which are guaranteed by the tour operator and integrated into package tours.
    6. Furthermore, the information given in the SH&E study relates to all Dutch holiday-makers and not just to customers who buy a package tour from a tour operator.
    7. It was therefore not possible to deduce from that information that Transavia sold seats on its scheduled flights to package tour operators.
    8. ‘air carriage contractor’ means the carrier which concludes a contract of carriage with a passenger or, where the contract comprises a package, the tour operator.
    9. ‘ticket seller’ means the seller of an air ticket who arranges a contract of carriage with a passenger, whether for a flight on its own or as part of a package, other than an air carrier or a tour operator;
    10. In the further investigation of the case it became apparent that Transavia had substantial scheduled operations to Mediterranean destinations and that it sold seats on those flights to tour operators which integrated those seats into package tours.
    11. Nowhere in the notification did KLM state that Transavia has substantial scheduled operations to Mediterranean holiday destinations and that it sells seats on these flights to package tour operators.
    12. The Commission accepts that since KLM did not explain that Transavia had substantial sales of seats on its scheduled flights to package tour operators, the Commission did not initially contemplate taking those activities into account for market definition purposes.
    13. Without prejudice to the obligations of tour operators set out in Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours [8], the carrier and/or performing carrier shall ensure that passengers are provided with appropriate and comprehensible information regarding their rights under this Regulation.Where the contract of carriage is made in a Member State, that information shall be provided at all points of sale, including sale by telephone and via the Internet.
    14. In view of the fact that certain seats on Transavia's scheduled flights are sold to package tour operators at the same price and under the same economic condition (guaranteed) as seats on charter flights, these sales are considered by the Commission to form part of the same product market.
    15. Member States should apply common harmonised sanctions in case of violation by the Chinese accredited travel agency of the Community rules, in compliance with the rules of the CCI on visa applications processed by private administrative agencies, travel agencies and package tour operators.