Betekenis van:
pale yellow

pale yellow
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a variable yellow tint; dull yellow, often diluted with white




    1. Hard, yellow to pale amber-coloured solid
    2. White to pale yellow, odourless crystalline solid
    3. Pale yellow to off-white, odourless powder
    4. Pale yellow to light brown a waxy or solid consistency
    5. White to slightly pale greyish-yellow odourless crystalline powder
    6. Powdered agar is white to yellowish-white or pale yellow.
    7. Powdered tragacanth is white to pale yellow or pinkish brown (pale tan) in colour
    8. It may be light yellowish-orange, yellowish-grey to pale yellow, or colourless.
    9. The interior is an ivory to pale yellow coloured paste, sometimes with small openings.
    10. White or pale yellow to amber crystalline solid having a characteristic odour
    11. Clear, mobile liquids to solids, from white to pale yellow in colour
    12. It is pale yellow to pinkish brown in colour, translucent and horny.
    13. It is white to pale yellow in colour but some pieces may have a red tinge.
    14. Clear, mobile liquids to waxy solids of variable consistency, from white to pale yellow in colour
    15. Clear, viscous, pale yellow oil which oxidises and darkens on exposure to air or light