Betekenis van:
parcel post

parcel post
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • pakketpost
  • postal service that handles packages



  1. Please take this parcel to the post-office.
  2. Put a stamp on the parcel and post it.
  3. Are you going to send this by parcel post?
  4. I have just been to the post office to send a parcel.
  5. The parcel will be kept at the post office until you call for it.
  6. Postal services: send and receive ordinary and parcel post.
  7. This Title shall apply to goods carried by post (including parcel post) from a post office in one Contracting Party to a post office in another Contracting Party.
  8. While the parcel and express markets have been open for competition for decades, in the letter post segment legal monopolies have strongly impeded development of competition.
  9. DHL is one of the largest express parcel operators, with a worldwide turnover of EUR 18,2 billion in 2005. It is wholly owned by Deutsche Post AG.
  10. DHL (owned by Deutsche Post AG) is one of the major express parcel operators with a worldwide turnover of EUR 18,2 billion in 2005.
  11. Defined by Post as comprising ‘the carriage of parcels where the parcel is collected from the customer abroad or where the parcel is collected by foreign parcel service providers for delivery within Austria — e.g. on the basis of bilateral agreements and/or under the Universal Postal Union Convention’.
  12. On a market thus defined, Swedish Post would have a market share of the order of [… %]. However, this spans over widely differing market shares, varying from [… %] by value for domestic express parcel services to [… %] by value for domestic consumer standard parcel services.
  13. Post Danmark is the largest single operator on just two of these markets, respectively that for domestic parcel services and the one for domestic courier and express services [6].
  14. In 2005, Post Danmark’s market share in terms of turnover was 16-19 % for domestic courier and express services and 35-40 % in terms of turnover for domestic BtB parcel services.
  15. On 3 December 2002, Deutsche Post AG (hereinafter ‘DP’) lodged a complaint against alleged cross-subsidies granted to the parcel activities of Royal Mail Group plc (‘Royal Mail’ or ‘RM’).