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pay claim

pay claim
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • geëiste verhoging v.h. loon
  • the wage demanded from management for workers by their union representatives





  1. They made a claim for higher pay.
  2. The future Eurosystem NCB shall pay to the delivering Eurosystem NCB remuneration on that claim.
  3. Since it is calculated on the basis of the turnover of those liable to pay the levy, they claim that it does not distort competition between those concerned.
  4. Moreover, the guarantee creates the risk of a potential and future claim on the resources of the State, which could find itself obliged to pay La Poste’s debts.
  5. They therefore claim that the risk for ETVA and the State of having to pay indemnification under the guarantee was small.
  6. VAT shall become ‘chargeable’ when the tax authority becomes entitled under the law, at a given moment, to claim the tax from the person liable to pay, even though the time of payment may be deferred.
  7. First, they claim that a market economy investor knows that the interest of a company (INH in this case), when buying back its own shares, is to pay the lowest price possible.
  8. The Commission notes that Greece’s claim fails to take into account the fact that when ETVA refused to pay out the loan it was already under the control of Piraeus Bank and not under State control anymore.
  9. The guaranteeing association shall have a period of three months, from the date when a claim for payment is made upon it, in which to pay the amounts claimed.
  10. Consequently, in order to ensure that this exception is applied, the French authorities propose to confirm officially to La Poste’s creditors that their claim does not enjoy a state guarantee and that, in the event of insolvency, the State would not be obliged to substitute itself for the undertaking financially to pay the claim.
  11. The Commission will now consider whether, once a court has ordered a publicly owned establishment to pay a sum of money, and the order is no longer open to appeal, it is legally possible for the establishment to be allowed to fall into dormancy, with the result that the claim will never be honoured, as the French authorities contend.
  12. Notwithstanding Article 7 of the implementing Regulation, any institution which establishes, while investigating a claim for benefits, that the claimant is entitled to an independent benefit under the applicable legislation, in accordance with Article 52(1)(a) of the basic Regulation, shall pay that benefit without delay.
  13. The draft concession agreement submitted to the Commission lays down that the concession holder would pay a concession fee to the foundation on an annual basis. The foundation would claim ‘a payment which equals a maximum of 80 % of the generated annual cash flow’.
  14. The European order for payment should apprise the defendant of his options to pay the amount awarded to the claimant or to send a statement of opposition within a time limit of 30 days if he wishes to contest the claim.
  15. The Commission accepts the first claim of the Czech authorities that a market economy investor, as well as the seller, knows that the interest of a company (i.e. INH in this case), when buying back its own shares, is to pay the lowest price possible.