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peer review

to peer review
    • evaluate professionally a colleague's work




    1. Peer review evaluation criteria
    3. Peer review evaluation
    4. Conclusion on the peer review of diuron.
    5. Conclusion on the peer review of carbofuran.
    6. Organisation of the peer review evaluation
    7. Review of peer-reviewed publications — Appendix
    8. Following the peer review evaluation of first-step in a two-step peer review evaluation:
    9. Reporting and information on the peer review evaluation process
    10. Peer review evaluation results, selection and rejection of proposals
    11. Peer review evaluation of coordination and support actions
    12. In addition, the scientific peer review independent experts assess whether:
    13. No peer review was carried out by the Authority.
    14. Peer review evaluation, award and grant preparation should be as rapid as possible, commensurate with maintaining the quality of the peer review evaluation, and respecting the legal framework.
    15. EFSA Scientific Report (2009) 333 — Conclusion on pesticide peer reviewpeer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance malathion (re-issued on 17 July 2009).