Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • cirkelomtrek
  • the outside boundary or surface of something




  1. Much like Nigeria, the Philippines was considered to be in the periphery of the Anglosphere.
  3. Szentes periphery (partly).
  4. Hódmezővásárhely periphery (partly).
  5. Nagymágocs periphery (partly).
  6. Szentes periphery (only Lapistó)
  7. The town and the west periphery and north periphery.
  8. Székkutas periphery (partly) Periphery north-west of the town.
  9. Periphery east of the town.
  10. The town, west periphery, east periphery and the remaining part of the north periphery.
  11. The town and the north, west and south periphery.
  12. The anode can be either a cone attached to the periphery of the cathode, through an insulator, or the chamber.
  13. A small part of the periphery within a circle of radius 3 km from the first outbreak, west of the town.
  14. For other applications of the illuminating surface, e.g. distance between two lamps or functions, the shape of the periphery of this illuminating surface shall be used.
  15. A small part of the periphery within a circle of radius 10 km from the second outbreak, north of the town.