Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • hobby van postzegels verzamelen
  • the collection and study of postage stamps





  1. Other players that offer newly issued stamps on the philately market in Sweden are locally established Swedish post operators and foreign, mainly Nordic, post operators.
  2. However, the philately market is not limited to stamps offered by post operators but also comprises sales of stamps through auctioneers, stamp traders and sales on the Internet through different sales- and auction sites.
  3. The company provides, besides the universal postal service (reserved and non-reserved), free services that are not of universal character such as express delivery services, philately, and distribution of press or direct marketing services.
  4. In 2006 99 % of PP’s turnover was generated by basic activities, which consist of (i) universal postal services (reserved and non-reserved); (ii) contracted services (mainly other postal services falling outside the scope of the universal postal service, financial services like cash payments into bank accounts and management of Bank Pocztowy’s loans and deposits, radio and television licence management and insurance mediation); and (iii) trade services (mainly sale of trade goods, philately, mail order of textbooks, trade in foreign currency).