Betekenis van:
physical education

physical education
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • training in the development of and care for the human body; stresses athletics; includes hygiene



    1. Kelly cut physical education and went home.
    2. Is physical education a required course?
    3. I injured myself during the physical education lesson.
    4. I can't make head nor tail of her lecture on health and physical education.
    5. the supply of certain services closely linked to sport or physical education by non-profit-making organisations to persons taking part in sport or physical education;
    6. good practices in education programmes on nutrition and physical activity, including schools;
    7. gymnastic, physical education and sport equipment such as balls, nets, rackets, bats, skis, golf clubs, sabres, poles, weights, discuses, chest expanders and other body-building equipment,
    8. The basic research activities aim at providing basic knowledge to underpin the understanding of physical processes in nuclear fuel (from production of energy to waste management) and are closely linked to training and education activities.
    9. Address health determinants to promote and improve physical and mental health, creating supportive environments for healthy lifestyles and preventing disease; take action on key factors such as nutrition and physical activity and sexual health, and on addiction-related determinants such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals used improperly, focusing on key settings such as education and the workplace, and across the life cycle.