Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • cruciaal; beslissend; beslissend; wat overtuigt
  • being of crucial importance
"a pivotal event"
"Its pivotal location has also exposed it to periodic invasions"




  1. After a while, they suddenly started calling her “third wife”; at first it was a joke, but it went on to become a habit, to the extent that seniors and juniors, old and young all used “third wife” as her name. Was this the pivotal moment for disagreement in the family?
  2. … The government's role will again be pivotal in refinancing and reducing this debt.
  3. The Agency should also play a pivotal role in coordinating communication around this Regulation and in its implementation.
  4. support the pivotal role played by the UN, notably the Special Representative of the Secretary-General; and
  5. Foot pedals, their arms and immediate pivotal mechanism, but not the surrounding support metal, shall be excluded from consideration.
  6. ‘The main refinancing operations play a pivotal role in pursuing the objectives of the Eurosystem’s open market operations.’;
  7. The pivotal point of the measuring apparatus shall be placed as follows for each seating position for which the manufacturer has made provision:
  8. Moreover, the two private investors can be singularly, and even more if taken together, pivotal in forming a controlling majority within GNA [67].
  9. The main refinancing operations play a pivotal role in pursuing the objectives of the Eurosystem’s open market operations and provide the bulk of refinancing to the financial sector.
  10. … Although we see significant scope for FT to cut costs and deliver a compelling yield and even though the CEO has strong track record execution, the government role in giving FT the flexibility it requires is pivotal.
  11. The estimated residual value of the passive network has a pivotal role in GNA’s business plan to achieve the financial targets and to provide a collateral for the investors.
  12. support the pivotal role played by the United Nations (UN) in Afghanistan with particular emphasis on contributing to better coordinated international assistance, thereby promoting the implementation of the London Conference Communiqué, the Afghanistan Compact as well as relevant UN Resolutions.
  13. In these circumstances, it is indeed considered difficult to attribute the price depression in the pivotal year 2004 to the imports from the PRC, as its quantities were relatively low and strongly declining.
  14. A unique solution for both high-speed and conventional rail is a pivotal concept underpinning ERTMS that has commanded a strong support within the railway sector at large — both by the supply industry and by the railway companies alike.
  15. Bearing in mind the European Union's vanguard position in this domain, he will ensure that he plays a pivotal role in international efforts and, where appropriate, will contribute to the management of projects supported by other donors.