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plant tissue


  1. plant-tissue waste
  2. Monoculture: is a culture with one plant species. Necrosis: is dead (i.e. white or water-soaked) frond tissue.
  3. A number of plant tissue analyses (approximately 50) will be made to determine the nitrogen content of harvested crops (forage and major arable crops).
  4. an nptII-type kanamycin resistance gene originating from Tn5, under the regulation of a nopaline-synthase promoter for expression in plant tissue and terminated by a polyadenylation sequence from the Agrobacterium tumefaciens nopaline-synthase gene;
  5. Although isolation of the pathogen from plant material with typical symptoms by dilution plating is straightforward, culturing may fail from advanced stages of infection. Saprophytic bacteria which grow on diseased tissue may outgrow or inhibit the pathogen on the isolation medium.
  6. Research infrastructures are an essential part of RTD in nuclear science and technology and the radiological sciences, ranging in size from very large and expensive plant and laboratory networks to much smaller facilities such as databases, numerical simulation tools and tissue banks.
  7. It involves a rapid screening test, isolation of the pathogen from infected vascular tissue on diagnostic media and, in case of a positive result, identification of the culture as C. m. subsp. sepedonicus. potato tuber(s) or potato plant(s) with symptoms
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