Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • stoeiziek
  • full of fun and high spirits
"playful children just let loose from school"



  1. They were so playful.
  2. Most children are playful.
  3. Ferrets are playful and curious.
  4. The dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.
  5. She laughed and gave me a playful shove.
  6. The prince says that the world will be saved by beauty! And I maintain that the reason he has such playful ideas is that he is in love.
  7. Be mindful of your actions when in a relationship.What may seem playful to you could really be harmful to your partner.
  8. The ferret is an intelligent, inquisitive, playful and agile animal, and this should be taken into account in the design of the accommodation and when handling.