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political relation

political relation
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power




    1. On 12 May 2004, discussions took place in Brussels between you and the Commission of the European Communities with a view to examining the political agenda of the Interim Government in relation to the restoration of democratic and constitutional rule.
    2. On 12 May 2004, discussions took place in Brussels between you and the European Commission with a view to examining the political agenda of the Interim Government in relation to the restoration of democratic and constitutional rule.
    3. encouraging social cohesion to ensure social equity, notably in relation to the use of domestic national resources and to ensure political equality in particular through the promotion of human rights, including gender equality;
    4. They also agree on the need to reinforce the existing interinstitutional contact mechanism, at political and at technical level, in relation to better lawmaking, so as to ensure effective interinstitutional cooperation between Parliament, the Commission and the Council.
    5. Political objectives The Budget Authority asks the Commission in its appropriation to fund initiatives which help dealing with the new employment situation in the health sector particularly in relation to professional qualifications and duties carried out by healthcare workers, healthcare-assistants and lower skilled nurses.
    6. On 12 May 2004 discussions have taken place between the Commission and the Interim Prime Minister of Haiti to take stock of the political agenda of the Interim Government in relation to the restoration of full democratic and constitutional rule, including the election timetable, with due respect for human rights and fundamental freedom.
    7. They claim that in line with the Switchover communication, the digital switchover constitutes an important project of common European interest which also has economic, social and political effects. In their view, the measure addresses the significant short-term costs and the lack of coordination mechanisms in relation to the switchover, also referred to in the Switchover communication.
    8. From a more political viewpoint but still in relation to the Community interest, the Commission considers that the liberalisation of the postal sector could be made more difficult if plans to reform retirement schemes, such as the one being examined here, were not approved.
    9. In September there shall be a stock-taking in the Conference of Committee Chairmen, together with the Commission Vice-President responsible, of the legislative proposals that the Commission plans to include in the legislative and work programme in the area of competence of each Commissioner, on the basis of a document drawn up by the Commission dealing, inter alia, with the updating of the political priorities in relation to the outcome of the meetings with the standing committees in March/May.
    10. In relation to dialogue at national and regional levels, for the purposes of Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement, the ‘ACP Group’ shall be taken to mean the Troika of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors (CoA) and the Chairperson of the ACP Sub-committee on Political, Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs (PSHCA); the Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) shall be interpreted as the Co-Presidents of the JPA, or their designated nominees.
    11. ‘other indigenous communities’ means communities in independent countries who are regarded as indigenous on account of their descent from the populations which inhabited the country, or a geographical region to which the country belongs, at the time of conquest or colonisation or the establishment of present State boundaries and who, irrespective of their legal status, retain some or all of their own social, economic, cultural and political institutions; 2. ‘placing on the market on a non-profit basis’ means placing on the market for a price less than or equal to the recovery of the costs borne by the hunter reduced by the amount of any subsidies received in relation to the hunt. Article 3 1. Seal products resulting from hunts by Inuit or other indigenous communities may only be placed on the market where it can be established that they originate from seal hunts which satisfy all of the following conditions:
    12. On 22 November 2004 the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1575 (2004), inter alia authorising the Member States, acting through or in cooperation with the EU, to establish for an initial planned period of 12 months a multinational stabilisation force (EUFOR) as a legal successor to SFOR under unified command and control, which will fulfil its missions in relation to the implementation of Annex 1-A and Annex 2 of the Peace Agreement in cooperation with the NATO HQ presence in accordance with the arrangements agreed between NATO and the EU as communicated to the Security Council, which recognise that EUFOR will have the main peace stabilisation role under the military aspects of the Peace Agreement, and recognising that the Peace Agreement and the provisions of its previous relevant resolutions shall apply to and in respect of both EUFOR and the NATO presence as they have applied to and in respect of SFOR and that therefore references in the Peace Agreement, in particular in Annex 1-A and its appendices, and relevant resolutions to IFOR and/or SFOR, NATO and the NAC shall henceforth be read as applying, as appropriate, to the NATO presence, EUFOR, the European Union and the Political and Security Committee and Council of the European Union respectively.