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power point

power point
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • ponsoen
  • a wall socket




  1. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and the point where they exit from the apparatus.
  2. Calculate the hydraulic power Phyd at this point.
  3. Speed and/or power No load, not an idle point, and torque feedback > torque reference
  4. Nuclear Power Stations (≥ 100 MW) of type Annex point 3.1 + Art. 5(1) b)
  5. Conventional thermal power stations (≥ 100 MW) capable of burning Annex point 3.1 + Art. 5(1) d)
  6. Assisted steering equipment, in which the steering power is provided both by the muscular power of the driver and by the special equipment defined in point 1.1.4;
  7. ‘P1’ means the electrical power (in watts) consumed by the circulator at the specified point of operation.
  8. Servo-steering equipment, in which the steering power is provided solely by the special equipment defined in point 1.1.4.
  9. The A109 Power project had been considered at one point, but had never been supported under Law No 808/1985.
  10. Power at six points of measurement (see point 2.1 of Annex III to Directive 72/306/EEC as amended)
  11. .1 if electric, it shall be served by its own separate circuit supplied from a steering gear power circuit from a point within the steering gear compartment, or directly from switchboard busbars supplying that steering gear power circuit at a point on the switchboard adjacent to the supply to the steering gear power circuit;
  12. Each measuring point governs the power and speed area to the left of and below that point and is the measuring point for any engine rated in that area.
  13. The net maximum capacity is the maximum power assumed to be solely active power that can be supplied, continuously, with all plant running, at the point of outlet to the network.
  14. During the tests to verify conformity of production the power shall be measured at motor speed S1 corresponding to the measurement point of maximum power accepted for type approval.
  15. The fixed installations shall be designed so that they are immune to low value DC currents flowing out of the DC power supply system into the AC power supply system. Immunity from DC current of Open point Amps is required.