Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a preliminary introduction to a statute or constitution (usually explaining its purpose)


    to preamble
      • make a preliminary introduction, usually to a formal document



      1. Preamble
      2. PREAMBLE
      4. Preamble – Definition of terms
      5. The Preamble of the Convention shall be deleted and replaced by the following new Preamble:
      6. the section entitled PREAMBLE is amended as follows:
      7. On page 10, recital 4 of the preamble:
      8. Staff Regulations of the European Union Institute for Security Studies [1]PREAMBLE
      9. In the preamble, a new second paragraph shall be inserted as follows:
      10. In the preamble the third paragraph shall be replaced by the following:
      11. The internationally recognised standards and norms are those of the instruments referred to in the Preamble of the Cotonou Agreement.
      12. a preamble setting out the procedure followed in the elaboration of the report and a list of contents,
      13. Specific attention was drawn to the extension in the conclusion in the preamble to Decision 2006/323/EC.
      14. This is clear from the recitals in the preamble to the Decision and the text of Article 8 of Directive 92/81/EEC on which it is based.
      15. The preamble to both documents states that ‘the national television broadcasting companies (France 2 and France 3) provide a television service for all citizens.