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product development

product development
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • improving an existing product or developing new kinds of products



    1. Our new product development efforts must be done from the end user's viewpoint.
    2. The purpose of the meeting is to make a plan for a new product prior to the Product Development Meeting in January.
    3. Product development
    4. Product group development
    5. Co-ordination of product group development
    6. product code/rural development sub-measure code
    7. Product code/rural development submeasure code
    8. in product and process orientated research and development.
    9. In this context ‘the development of new cosmetic product’ means either the reformulation of product already on the market or the development of a totally new product (innovation).
    10. In the field of marketing, the restructuring plan described three areas for improvement: product development, product policy and sales promotion.
    11. The median business plan is based on the following turnover development and product mix:
    12. For purposes other than inhibiting the development of micro-organisms in the product.
    13. The Commission will monitor the development of imports and the prices of the product concerned.
    14. Module A1 Internal design control with product verification for design, development and production phases
    15. Exemption from the general obligation to register for product and process orientated research and development (PPORD)