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product introduction

product introduction
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the introduction (usually by an advertising campaign) of a new product or product line



    1. Introduction: finished product, active substance and starting materials
    2. introduction of process and product certification and related studies [64];
    3. at least one year has elapsed since the date of introduction of a safeguard measure on the import of that product; and
    4. The introduction of interim targets increases the predictability of the policy, allows for accommodating product development cycles and facilitates long term planning for interested parties.
    5. promote the introduction of technological improvements directed towards adding value to the product, allowing easier access to new markets or increasing productivity,
    6. Those composite products containing processed meat product shall be accompanied at introduction into the Community by the relevant certificate for meat products laid down in Community legislation, regardless of any other animal product content.
    7. As following: The Role of Teams in Objective Setting and Policy Deployment; Continuous Improvement; Introduction to the PC with MS Windows XP; MS Excel Fundamentals; MS Word 2003 Fundamentals; Team Building Skills; Valuing Differences, Creating Success – Diversity and Dignity at Work; Train the Trainer; Effective Team Meetings; Literacy Skills; Business Mathematics; Introduction to Scorecards; English Language Training; Product Specialist Leadership Training.
    8. The effective management of the quantitative ceiling calls for the introduction of a requirement for a Community import authorisation for the release for free circulation in the Community of the product concerned until the quantitative ceiling is exhausted.
    9. Studies for implementation of new technology, studies related to introduction of process and product certification, studies on organisation and markets, and studies on eligibility to aid could be eligible for aid to SMEs.
    10. The beneficiary planned to reduce or cease production of some unprofitable non-alcoholic beverages and stated that any introduction of a new product in this category would be preceded by an analysis of its profitability.
    11. No product other than infant formula may be marketed or otherwise represented as suitable for satisfying by itself the nutritional requirements of normal healthy infants during the first months of life until the introduction of appropriate complementary feeding.
    12. such a safeguard measure has not been applied to the same product more than twice in the five-year period immediately preceding the date of introduction of the measure.
    13. They claim that not only does a new model therefore involve the introduction of a new product but also that many workers will have to adapt to new machines, parts, assembly techniques and working methods.
    14. Those composite products referred to in Article 4(b) and 4(c), containing processed milk product, shall be accompanied at introduction into the Community by the relevant certificate laid down in Community legislation.
    15. As a result of the investment, extensive retraining was needed for the production of higher capacity DRAMs as well as for the introduction of the new product (board on chip).