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proportional tax

proportional tax
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • any tax in which the rate is constant as the amount subject to taxation increases



    1. the proportional excise duty and the value added tax levied on the weighted average retail selling price.
    2. Moreover, these conditions are proportional to the pursued objective to verify that tonnage tax companies actually contribute to the economic activities and employment in Poland, which is in line with the Guidelines.
    3. Secondly, it considered that the exemption, specific to coordination centres, from the proportional tax on contributions seemed to give them an economic advantage compared with undertakings which, in the same circumstances, are subject to it.
    4. Apart from the flat-rate calculation described above, the following exemptions were also provided for in the notified provisions: 1. withholding tax is not due on dividends, income from claims or loans or the yield from the sale of intangible movable assets owed by the centre; 2. contributions to and increases of the centre’s capital are exempt from proportional registration tax (capital duty).
    5. The principle of the common system of VAT entails the application to goods and services of a general tax on consumption exactly proportional to the price of the goods and services, however many transactions take place in the production and distribution process before the stage at which the tax is charged.