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public office

public office
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a position concerning the people as a whole




    1. He has at last retired from public office.
    2. They vote in secret, may seek public office, and may demand the removal of public officials who behave improperly.
    3. Millionaires have an easier time getting elected to public office than the average person.
    4. Businesses often have a list of 5-10 'mission statements' featured in their brochures, on their websites or hanging in their office detailing the values they hold as a form of communication to their employees, their clients and the public.
    5. Main Customs Office (public)
    6. Office of the District Public Prosecutor
    7. Candidacy for public or political office
    8. Registration at a public employment office
    9. Contacted public employment office to find work
    10. Waiting for a call from a public employment office
    11. in Cyprus : Public Employment services (any district Labour Office);
    12. Active or passive corruption of a civil servant, a person holding public office or public authority
    13. telephone calls from a private line or from a public line (public telephone box, post office cabin, etc.),
    14. A member of temporary staff who intends to stand for public office shall notify the AACC.
    15. Involvement of the public employment office at any moment in finding the present job