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public presentation

public presentation
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    • a dramatic or musical entertainment





    1. Reliable functioning is a basic condition for public presentation of a new product.
    2. the presentation, if any, by the Commission of its legislative proposals and the ensuing deliberation in the Council shall be open to the public;
    3. run the communication and public relations aspects of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, including the organisation of presentation and dissemination events;
    4. The Commission's presentation of its five-year programme, of its annual work programme and of its annual policy strategy, as well as the ensuing debate in the Council, shall be public.
    5. Accordingly, it is necessary to lay down implementing rules concerning those lists of approved plants, including the presentation of the information contained in such lists on national websites which are available to the Commission and the public.
    6. SIDE's initial presentation on the discounts referred to the list of discounts granted by CELF on the public price in France (inclusive of all tax), whereas export sales are made on the basis of a price exclusive of tax.
    7. With the aim of administrative simplification, general formal requirements, such as presentation of original documents, certified copies or a certified translation, should not be imposed, except where objectively justified by an overriding reason relating to the public interest, such as the protection of workers, public health, the protection of the environment or the protection of consumers.
    8. The consultation with technical experts in the field confirms that the revised IAS 32 Financial instruments: disclosure and presentation and IFRIC Interpretation 1 Changes in existing decommissioning, restoration and similar liabilities meet the technical criteria for adoption set out in Article 3(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002 and in particular the requirement of being conducive to the European public good.
    9. Packaging containing a hazardous substance or a mixture supplied to the general public shall not have either a shape or design likely to attract or arouse the active curiosity of children or to mislead consumers, or have a similar presentation or a design used for foodstuff or animal feeding stuff or medicinal or cosmetic products, which would mislead consumers.
    10. Namely the appointment of the directors by the State for the Commission v Italy judgments; the financing by a public establishment, the grant arrangements which correspond to those of ordinary State aid, the presentation by the government of the aid as forming part of a set of State measures for the Commission v France judgment.
    11. On 22 September 2003 the Council welcomed the presentation of the Action Plan which it considered to be an important element of establishing a transparent and sound capital market in an enlarged Union; the Council endorsed the Commission’s recognition of the importance of expert and public consultation as an integral part of the development of company law and corporate governance at European level and took note of the Commission’s intention to set up a Forum on systems of corporate governance within the European Union.