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public utility

public utility
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • overheidsbedrijf
  • a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation





  1. Public utility charges will go up next April.
  2. Average prices on the public utility sector [62]
  3. Wholesale supply of electricity to the public utility wholesaler;
  4. PP held the status of Public Utility Company and exercised its activities on the basis of ‘Act of 30 July 1997 on State Enterprise of public utility PP’.
  5. On the regulated segment of the market, the RDCs have the obligation to purchase gas for their public utility needs from the public utility wholesaler (MOL WMT).
  6. In the regulated segment of the market, the public utility wholesaler (MOL WMT) is under an obligation by law to cover the full natural gas demand for public utility purposes of the RDCs, whereas the RDCs are under an obligation to source their natural gas needs for their public utility customers exclusively from the public utility wholesaler (at regulated prices).
  7. No exemption shall be granted on taxes which amount merely to charges for public utility services.
  8. MVM, the public utility wholesaler, accounted for [30-40 %] of electricity imports in 2003.
  9. By the ‘Act of 5 September 2008 on commercialization of the public utility PP’ the ‘Act of 30 July 1997 on State Enterprise of public utility PP’ was partially annulled.
  10. On the public utility segment, MVM remained the only wholesaler, whereas in the free market segment other traders appeared.
  11. On 1 January 2008 the public utility segment ceased to exist and accordingly all customers became ‘eligible’.
  12. Entities producing or distributing water pursuant to the Eigenbetriebsverordnungen or Eigenbetriebsgesetze of the Länder (public utility companies).
  13. Eligible customers have the choice between remaining supplied within a public utility contract by their historic gas supplier (their RDC or the public utility wholesaler, MOL WMT if the customer was supplied directly by MOL WMT) or terminating their public utility contract and purchasing their gas requirements from a trader or importing natural gas themselves.
  14. CDP’s object is to foster the development of public investment, local utility infrastructure works and major public works of national interest.
  15. In the period of assessment, MVM supplied power to both the regional distribution companies (suppliers on the public utility segment) and to suppliers on the free market segment.