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question sheet

question sheet
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    • a written examination




    1. The levels of solvency (which must be understood as the relationship between capital base and total balance sheet) of the companies in question are set out in Diagram 16.
    2. any other information that might call into question the appropriateness of the risk management measures identified in a safety data sheet supplied to him, which shall be communicated only for identified uses.
    3. The question of the extent to which equity capital shown in the balance sheet conferred a financial advantage did not arise here, unlike in WestLB, since it was not necessary to distinguish between recognised and unrecognised parts of the capital.
    4. the number of undertakings that were not subject to scrutiny during the period in question as a result of the non-execution of some scrutinies, in accordance with the specimen form shown in sheet A of this Annex;
    5. The Special Committee shall approve the management account and balance sheet for the operation which have been submitted to it. It shall grant a discharge to the administrator, the accounting officer and each operation commander for the operation in question.
    6. So the question does not arise here as to whether part of the special-purpose reserve shown in the balance sheet as own funds might only have served a guarantee function for BayernLB.
    7. By way of an example, Autoglass Group SA, which had a balance-sheet value of PLN 19,8 million, was sold in bankruptcy proceedings for PLN 6 million. In addition, the PZL Wrocław assets in question which served as a registered pledge include many low-value items.
    8. In order to calculate the proportion that trading-book business bears to total business for the purposes of points (a) and (c) of paragraph 2, the competent authorities may refer either to the size of the combined on- and off-balance-sheet business, to the profit and loss account or to the own funds of the institutions in question, or to a combination of those measures.
    9. This implies that the hypothetical opening balance sheet is based on the assumption that the seller will always pay 100 % of the excise duty and that the value of the buildings in an alternative opening balance would be reduced by exactly the same amount as the excise duty. The Authority has no reason to question the legitimacy of the Net Present Value method used when the opening balance of Entra was established.
    10. ‘Last but not least, the economic report observes, as if there was any need to, that France Télécom was not a firm in difficulty at the time of the events in question (as it had access to the capital markets and no long-term viability problem) and that the participation by the State shareholder in the plan to rebalance the company's balance sheet was in keeping with the private investor criterion, thereby confirming the absence of any aid element in the financial measures forming the subject-matter of the Commission's investigation’.