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    • a large number or amount




    1. Life rafts
    2. Inflatable rafts
    3. .2 Life-rafts
    4. .1 Life-rafts
    5. .6 Life-rafts
    6. The life-rafts shall be equipped with:
    7. Slides/LIfe-Rafts (as required), ELT
    8. Slides/Life-Rafts (as required), ELT …
    9. Life-rafts and survival ELTs for extended overwater flights
    10. Sufficient life-rafts to carry all persons on board.
    11. However, a crew member practised in the handling and operation of life-rafts, may be placed in charge of each life-raft or group of life-rafts.
    12. .3 such life-rafts are served by the existing launching appliances or marine evacuation systems.
    13. CPA 30.11.50: Other floating structures (including rafts, tanks, coffer-dams, landing stages, buoys and beacons)
    14. If the stowage requirement for life rafts, in Regulation III/7.5 not is complied with, additional life rafts can be required.
    15. .6 Life-rafts associated with a Marine Evacuation System (MES) shall: