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real-estate business

real-estate business
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the business of selling real estate



    1. Real estate financing business
    2. Real estate, renting and business activities
    3. ‘Real estate, renting and business activities’
    4. Scaling down and transfer of the real estate services business
    5. SECTION K Real estate, renting and business activities
    6. Other business fields of LBBW are real estate financing and financial markets.
    7. It further contends that the risk shield relates essentially to old business in real estate services.
    8. It was also planned to sell the real estate services business.
    9. In restructuring the real estate financing business, risk reduction has top priority.
    10. The market assumptions for the real estate and funds business were explained in greater detail.
    11. Private real estate financing falls predominantly within the group's private customer business.
    12. BGB’s real estate services consist essentially of investment fund business and building and development work.
    13. BGB operates primarily in private and corporate retail banking, real estate financing, real estate services (investment fund and project business) and capital markets (money and securities dealings).
    14. BerlinHyp's business plan also assumes an improvement by then in the general market situation for real estate financing business.
    15. The restructured LBBW will consist of five core business areas: Corporates I (German SME business customers), Corporates II (large customers), Retail (private customers), Savings Banks, Real Estate (real estate financing) and Financial Markets (capital markets).