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registered security

registered security
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a security whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer (or issuer's agent)




    1. those who were registered as farmers with the Social Security Fund and paid social security contributions up to 31 December 1998,
    2. According to the Security Document of the loan agreement a first ranking security into land and assets is registered for the amount of EUR 34,5 million.
    3. Length of periods of insurance under Portuguese social security schemes (periods of insurance prior to 1994 are registered in months or years; periods of insurance since 1994 are registered in years):
    4. With regard to the payment of social security contributions and taxes, an additional certificate may be required of any registered economic operator whenever a contract is offered.
    5. The previous 1997 Guidelines allowed such reductions for all seafarers working on board vessels registered in an EEA State and subject to tax and or social security contributions in an EEA State.
    6. Accounts for persons authorised to access SIS II software from CS-SIS shall be monitored by the Local Security Officer for the Central SIS II. Use of those accounts, including time and user identity shall be registered.
    7. When a classified contract is awarded, a Facility Security Officer (FSO), appointed by the management of the contractor or subcontractor, shall be responsible for requesting a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) for all persons employed in industrial or other entities registered in an EU Member State whose duties require access to information classified CONFIDENTIEL UE or above subject to a classified contract, to be granted by the NSA/DSA of that Member State in accordance with its national regulations;
    8. Subject to the provisions of this Article, each State Party shall ensure, under its national law, that insurance or other financial security, to the extent specified in paragraph 1, is in force in respect of any ship that is licensed to carry more than twelve passengers, wherever registered, entering or leaving a port in its territory in so far as this Convention applies.
    9. Before initiating a negotiated procedure for a classified contract the Commission will contact the NSA/DSA of the Member State in which the industrial or other entities concerned are registered in order to obtain confirmation that they hold a valid FSC appropriate to the level of security classification of the contract;
    10. Member States shall ensure that all customers connected to the gas network are entitled to have their gas provided by a supplier, subject to the supplier's agreement, regardless of the Member State in which the supplier is registered, as long as the supplier follows the applicable trading and balancing rules and subject to security of supply requirements.
    11. Moreover, the Commission had taken note of information distributed by Agence France-Presse and in the newspapers according to which the reductions in social security contributions were intended to compensate the rise in oil prices which had already been registered for several months.
    12. The LUs include the bovine, ovine, caprine and equine animals raised for slaughter or used for work; in the case of slaughter animals, the farmers concerned are main-occupation farmers and owner-occupiers registered with the Istituto nazionale per la previdenza sociale (National Social Security Institute) for the agricultural sector.
    13. The registry administrator may assume that a user who has entered a matching username and password is the authorised representative registered under that username and password, until such point that the authorised representative informs the registry administrator that the security of his password has been compromised and requests a replacement.
    14. Small and medium-sized firms employing no more than 20 people whose registered office and operations were located in the province of Brescia, which had no pending disputes with social security bodies, were up to date with their contributions to the Chamber of Commerce, were not in administration, had not compounded with their creditors and were not bankrupt.
    15. The NSA/DSA is responsible for granting, in accordance with its national regulations, a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) to all persons employed in industrial or other entities registered in that Member State whose duties require access to EU information classified CONFIDENTIEL UE or SECRET UE subject to a classified contract.