Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • wondhaak, écarteur, sperhaak
  • surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision



  1. retractor
  2. special type belt/retractor;
  3. retractor Pillar loop
  4. Standard retractor “B” post
  5. Safety belt retractor damaged or not functioning correctly.
  6. Safety-belt retractor damaged or not functioning correctly.
  7. emergency locking retractor with multiple sensitivity (see Regulation No 16, paras.
  8. The strap of a safety-belt equipped with an automatically-locking retractor shall not unwind by more than 30 mm between locking positions of the retractor. After a rearward movement of the wearer the belt must either remain in its initial position or return to that position automatically on subsequent forward movement of the wearer.
  9. Such side-facing seats shall be fitted with, at least, a head restraint and a two-point belt with retractor type-approved in accordance with Council Directive 77/541/EEC.