Betekenis van:

to revitalise
    • give new life or vigor to




    1. Enhance efforts to revitalise former crisis areas.
    2. efforts by various companies to revitalise the local economy;
    3. Revitalise the privatisation process to support economic development and attract inward investment and develop a comprehensive strategy to this end.
    4. The White Paper on European transport policy announces this Directive, which is part of the Commission's strategy to revitalise rail transport and, consequently, to shift the balance between transport modes, with the ultimate objective of reducing congestion on Europe's roads.
    5. In order to promote the establishment of a European railway area without borders and to help revitalise the railway sector while reinforcing its essential advantages in terms of safety, the Agency should contribute to the development of a genuine European railway culture and form an essential tool of dialogue, consultation and exchange between all the actors in the railway sector, having due regard for their individual competences.