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rights issue

rights issue
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    • an offering of common stock to existing shareholders who hold subscription rights or pre-emptive rights that entitle them to buy newly issued shares at a discount from the price at which they will be offered to the public later




    1. Same-sex adoption rights are an important issue for the LGBT* community.
    2. Lastly, a premium of 0,3 % was added to allow for the failure to issue voting rights.
    3. Moreover, the Office should be given the possibility to issue certificates for Community plant variety rights in electronic form.
    4. This issue has been addressed by the Court of Justice on numerous occasions, and the Court has recognised patients' rights.
    5. It should be possible to issue licences following allocations of import rights on the basis of applications from eligible processors.
    6. The parties to the understanding also regard a premium of 0,3 % as appropriate to take account of the failure to issue new voting rights.
    7. The parties to the understanding also regard a 0,3 % premium as appropriate to take account of the failure to issue voting rights.
    8. Provided that it is clear that part of the proceeds of the rights issue will be used for the coupon payments
    9. No premium is possible either for the decision not to issue any new company shares and the associated voting rights since FHH already owns all the voting shares.
    10. Their control competences and the rights and obligations of taxable persons should apply equally whether a taxable person chooses to issue paper invoices or electronic invoices.
    11. Debt instruments affording rights to the principal and/or the interest that are subordinated to the rights of holders of other debt instruments of the same issuer (or, within a structured issue, subordinated to other tranches of the same issue) are excluded from tier one.
    12. The equity increase will be made by way of a rights issue which will be offered pro-rata to the shareholders with 70 % being offered to the State and 30 % to the private shareholders.
    13. Such equal treatment only relates to shareholders in the same position and does not therefore prejudice the issue of how many voting rights may be attached to a particular share.
    14. Finally, it considered that depreciation of buildings and amortisation of land use rights were not a company-specific issue and there was not any benefit accruing to the Chinese authorities.
    15. Alternatively, the price of the right may be based on the right’s value in the market, the equity’s existing average cost and the equity’s market price before the rights issue.’;