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salt cod

salt cod
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • codfish preserved in salt; must be desalted and flaked by soaking in water and pounding; used in e.g. codfish cakes



    1. Fillets of salt cod
    2. Whole salt cod
    3. amending Decision 2001/657/EC extending the derogation to include fillets of salt cod and whole salt cod
    4. On 20 January 2005, the French Government has requested an amendment to Decision 2001/657/EC in order to obtain an extension of the scope of the derogation granted in respect of frozen fillets of cod of CN code ex030420, to fillets of salt cod of CN code ex030530 and whole salt cod of CN code 030562.
    5. This request covers a total annual quantity of 2200 tonnes of frozen fish fillets, frozen gutted fish without head, fillets of salt cod, whole salt cod and frozen fish meat (or minced blocks) originating in third countries and processed in Saint Pierre and Miquelon for export to the Community.