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    • the compass point that is one point east of due south




    1. The general contractor SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG
    2. SBE cooperates with MUW, NUW, MBE NBE and Autokontor Bayern.
    3. Germany stresses that the contract between SBE and NUW was drafted in such a way that SBE could not influence NUW's management decisions.
    4. Further, SBE will pre-finance the direct investment grant from 2004.
    5. SBE is the common customer of NUW, MUW, MBE and NBE.
    6. SBE delivers crude oil and refined products to MUW for further processing into biodiesel.
    7. Particularly through SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG they also have access to the necessary technology.
    8. Mr Johne has power of procuration at SBE and worked for MUW until December 2004.
    9. As a general contractor SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG will install the biodiesel plant for the proposed recipient NUW.
    10. First of all, SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG and Sauter Verpachtung serve as general contractors for setting up bioethanol and biodiesel plants operated by entities held by the family.
    11. With regard to the partner enterprises Germany states that Daniela Sauter has holdings of 50 % in NBE, 38 % in MBE and 20 % in SBE.
    12. Although SBE will finance a part of the investments, Germany states that there are no further dependencies between the two undertakings.
    13. The specific business relations between NUW and SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG underline the profound integration of NUW in the network of enterprises owned by the Sauter family.
    14. As mentioned above, SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG will as a general contractor install the biodiesel plant for the proposed recipient NUW.
    15. In order to ensure that NUW does not become dependent on SBE, only NUW can determine the date of the repayment of the loan.