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secret ballot

secret ballot
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a vote in which each person's choice is secret but the totaled votes are public



    1. Voting by secret ballot
    2. Rule 162 Voting by secret ballot
    3. Votes relating to persons shall be by secret ballot.
    4. Voting shall be by open ballot, by recorded vote, or by secret ballot.
    5. Parliament shall vote on such amendments by secret ballot.
    6. The President shall be elected by secret ballot.
    7. The vote shall be taken by secret ballot.
    8. ‘The elections provided for in this Article shall be by secret ballot.
    9. The committee shall vote by secret ballot separately on each nomination.
    10. Election to the various representative posts shall always be by secret ballot.
    11. Parliament shall, following a debate, take a decision by secret ballot.
    12. On a proposal by a member, a vote may be taken by secret ballot.
    13. The names of Members who have taken part in a secret ballot shall be recorded in the minutes of the sitting at which the ballot was held.
    14. Between two and six Members chosen by lot shall count the votes cast in a secret ballot.
    15. Elections shall be held yearly for one permanent member of the Joint Supervisory Body by means of secret ballot.