Betekenis van:
sense of responsibility

sense of responsibility
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • gevoel voor verantwoordelijkheid; besef van verantwoordelijkheid
  • an awareness of your obligations



  1. Taro has a strong sense of responsibility.
  2. He has a strong sense of responsibility.
  3. Tom has a strong sense of responsibility.
  4. There is a sense of responsibility for the future.
  5. Taro has a really strong sense of responsibility.
  6. Don't try to duck out early. Where's your sense of responsibility?
  7. He is a reliable person and has a strong sense of responsibility.
  8. It also includes demonstrating a sense of responsibility, as well as showing understanding of and respect for the shared values that are necessary to ensure community cohesion, such as respect for democratic principles.
  9. Cultural Change The objective of this training is to instil a sense of common purpose and collective responsibility in the workforce and to create a team culture based on excellence in production;
  10. In order to assess this, the competent authority shall carry out an analysis of the production and inspection records, the type of activities undertaken in the establishment, the history of compliance with rules, the expertise, professional attitude and sense of responsibility of the slaughterhouse staff in regard to food safety, together with other relevant information.
  11. As regards the three items identified by the Commission in the letter initiating the procedure (points 143 to 150), namely the submission of the restructuring plan for approval by the Belgian State, the press articles demonstrating a strong influence by the Belgian Government on SNCB during the year 2003, and the scope, contents and the terms of the framework agreement, the Belgian authorities consider that these factors are not sufficient to establish responsibility in the sense of the Stardust Marine case-law.