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service break

service break
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a tennis game won on the opponent's service



    1. The quality of the transport service must be guaranteed even if the data processing equipment were to break down in full or in part.
    2. See ‘Koran Bks Complete Purchase of KRW1T Hynix Conn Bond,’ Dow Jones International News, 20 June 2001 (‘KorAm Bank's reversal of its board's decision comes after the Financial Supervisory Service warned of a possible sanction for KorAm for threatening to break the earlier rescue pact for Hynix.’).
    3. A handrail at a height of between 800 mm and 900 mm above the floor level shall be provided between the priority seats as described in paragraph and the service door suitable for boarding and alighting. A break is permitted where it is necessary to gain access to a wheelchair space, a seat located at a wheel arch, a staircase, an access passage or a gangway.
    4. This Regulation does not provide design formulas nor permissible stresses or strains, but requires the adequacy of the design to be established by appropriate calculations and demonstrated by cylinders being capable of consistently passing the materials, design qualification, production and batch tests specified in this Regulation; All designs shall ensure a ‘leakage before break’ failure mode under feasible degradation of pressure parts during normal service.