Betekenis van:
sewage disposal

sewage disposal
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • afvoer van water
  • the disposal of sewage



  1. Rivers were the ancient form of sewage disposal.
  2. Sewage disposal services
  3. Sewage and refuse disposal services; sanitation and similar services
  4. Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities
  5. Entsorgung (Straßenreinigung, Abfall- und Abwasserbeseitigung) — [refuse and garbage disposal services: street cleaning, waste and sewage disposal],
  6. sewage (provision, operation, management, maintenance, repair, replacement, modification, renovation, replacement, renewal of sewers and disposal/treatment of sewage),
  7. Sewerage services; sewage sludge; waste collection, treatment and disposal services; materials recovery services; remediation services and other waste management services
  8. Where the site is connected to the public sewage system, a special sink or disposal unit aimed at avoiding spillage shall be sufficient.
  9. Water and sewerage companies within the meaning of ustawa z dnia 7 czerwca 2001 r., o zbiorowym zaopatrzeniu w wodę i zbiorowym odprowadzaniu ścieków, carrying on economic activity in the provision of water to the general public or the provision of sewage disposal services to the general public, including among others:
  10. Assessment and verification: The applicant shall provide a declaration of compliance with this criterion, together with documentation on the connection to the local sewage treatment plant or on its own waste water treatment system as appropriate and documentation for guests on waste water disposal.