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    • a distribution in shares






    1. Share of arable area out of planned crop rotation
    2. Except for one share out of EUR 15000 shares.
    3. This document sets out amendments to IFRS 2 Share-based Payment.
    4. The Commission cannot share this view for the reasons set out below.
    5. receive the aid and to share it out among their members;
    6. Share of PRC Imports out of total rest of the world
    7. The injection of capital was carried out through a proportional increase in the share capital, whereby priority was given to a distribution of the new share capital in proportion to the existing share capital.
    8. The United Kingdom points out that a UK market share cap of 1,5 % on retail deposits is in place.
    9. 1 For the share registration document information shall be given in accordance with the schedule set out in Annex I.
    10. This deterioration was rather due to the loss of market share as pointed out above in recital 165.
    11. While acknowledging that, for supervisory purposes, share capital counts as core capital, it points out that not all of a bank’s capital that qualifies as core capital is at the same time share capital.
    12. In respect of the market share some interested parties opposed the Commission statement set out in recital 58 that indicated an increase of the market share of the dumped imports.
    13. 1 For the additional information on the underlying share, the description of the underlying share shall be given in accordance with the building block set out in Annex XIV.
    14. Such persons must be enabled to share the values set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
    15. The investigation shall be carried out with as much openness as possible, so that all parties can be heard and can share the results.