Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a holding in the form of shares of corporations



    1. Price for ÖIAG’s shareholding
    2. Capital depreciation on shareholding
    3. Capital depreciation of shareholding
    4. Group structure (shareholding)
    5. Price paid by Lufthansa for ÖIAG’s shareholding
    6. Each had a 49,5 % shareholding in HLB.
    7. Sale price (EUR 1) – 30 % shareholding
    8. IFB owns a shareholding of 50 %.
    9. Effect of Siemens's shareholding in SMS
    10. (in EUR million) Price paid by Lufthansa for ÖIAG’s shareholding
    11. Financing by SNCB and own shareholding in IFB
    12. The market price of ÖIAG’s shareholding in Austrian Airlines
    13. In terms of shareholding, EVO is fully controlled by AGVO.
    14. the divestiture of Gaz de France’s 25,5 % shareholding in SPE,
    15. the divestiture of Suez Group’s shareholding in Distrigaz.