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signal fire

signal fire
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a fire set as a signal




    1. Occurrence of a fault condition shall initiate a visual and audible fault signal at the control panel which shall be distinct from a fire signal.
    2. Any fault occurring shall activate a visual and acoustic alarm signal on the control panel which can be distinguished from a fire alarm signal.
    3. Activation of a fire detector shall set off a visual and acoustic fire alarm signal at the control panel and the indicator devices.
    4. The activation of any detector or manually operated call point shall initiate a visual and audible fire signal at the control panel and indicating units.
    5. The activation of a fire detector in an individual cabin in this fire detection zone shall set off a visual and acoustic signal in the passageway outside that cabin.
    6. .1 Any required automatic sprinkler, fire detection and fire alarm system shall be capable of immediate operation at all times and no action by the crew shall be necessary to set it in operation. It shall be of the wet pipe type but small exposed sections may be of the dry pipe type where this is a necessary precaution. Any parts of the system which may be subjected to freezing temperatures in service shall be suitably protected against freezing. It shall be kept charged at the necessary pressure and shall have provision for a continuous supply of water as required in this Regulation. .2 Each section of sprinklers shall include means for giving a visual and audible alarm signal automatically at one or more indicating units whenever any sprinkler comes into operation. Such units shall indicate in which section served by the system fire has occurred and shall be centralised on the navigation bridge and in addition, visible and audible alarms from the unit shall be placed in a position other than on the navigating bridge so as to ensure that the indication of fire is immediately received by the crew. The alarm system shall be such as to indicate if any fault occurs in the system.