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silent treatment

silent treatment
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an aloof refusal to speak to someone you know



    1. How long are you going to keep giving me the silent treatment?
    2. This mandatory balance sheet treatment of the silent partnership contribution reduced the cost-income-ratio and the balance-sheet equity return.
    3. After examination of the economic nature of the IBG Fund silent participations, and taking account of the legal, accounting and tax treatment of these instruments, the Commission finds that in economic terms the IBG Fund silent participations can be classified as debt instruments.
    4. Since the remuneration for the entire silent participation contribution is tax-deductible as an operating expense and also differs in this respect from the tax treatment of the remuneration in Decision 2000/392/EC, this premium has to be understood as a before-tax rate that can be claimed in full as an operating expense.
    5. Since the remuneration for the entire silent partnership contribution is, as operating expenses, deductible from tax and, on this point too, differs from the tax treatment of the remuneration in the WestLB Decision, the Commission establishes the guarantee commission in this Decision as a pre-tax rate which is fully eligible as operating expenditure.
    6. To establish whether the IBG Fund silent participations should be classified as debt instruments or equity instruments, the opening decision examined the economic substance of the instruments in line with point 4.3.3 of the guidelines, taking into account the degree of risk and potential losses borne by the investor, whether profit-dependant remuneration or fixed remuneration was predominant, the level of subordination in the event of bankruptcy and the treatment of the investment instrument under the applicable domestic legal, regulatory, financial, and accounting rules.