Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • schuin aflopende werf
  • structure consisting of a sloping way down to the water from the place where ships are built or repaired




  1. The yard has already terminated the lease agreement for slipway B5 (as of 1 July 2009) and for slipway B3 (as of 1 January 2010).
  2. The Commission recalls its preliminary agreement with Poland on the closure of the Wulkan 1 slipway.
  3. As regards the planned closure of one slipway, the plan of 12 September (like the June plan) stated that slipway Wulkan 1 would be used not for shipbuilding but for the production of steel structures by SSN Mostostal.
  4. Moreover, four additional sites for section construction will be built on the slipway so as to build larger sections.
  5. Furthermore, in 2009 the Wulkan 1 slipway could only be used for assembly of the 587-IV/09.
  6. Calculation of current capacity took into account the time actually needed to assemble a (certain type of) ship on a slipway.
  7. By letter of 28 February 2007 Poland undertook to close one slipway at Gdańsk Shipyard after outstanding orders had been completed, i.e. as of January 2010.
  8. Indeed, should the yard start using a new launching facility, the Commission notes that it has undertaken to immediately discontinue the renting agreement concerning slipway B1.
  9. One slipway, Wulkan 1, was to be taken out of shipbuilding production and used for steel construction for purposes other than shipbuilding.
  10. The September joint restructuring plan proposes deferring the closure of two slipways until June 2009 and a third slipway until October 2009 [38].
  11. The Commission notes that provision has already been made for two slipways to be closed in due time since, in April 2009, the company signed an agreement with the owner of the slipways according to which the rental agreement comes to an end on 1 July 2009 for slipway B5 and on 1 January 2010 for slipway B3.
  12. If the yard purchases or otherwise acquires access to (e.g. by renting or leasing) another launching facility, it will take slipway B1 out of the production process (i.e., as the situation stands at the time of the decision, discontinue the renting agreement with the owner of slipway B1).
  13. On this basis and taking into account that the closure of a further slipway would mean a capacity reduction of at least 59 %, the Commission provisionally concluded that the closure of the smallest slipway, Wulkan 1, proposed by Poland would be a sufficient compensatory measure.
  14. It was therefore important to note that the closure of some facilities, such as the proposed closure of one slipway in the Szczecin shipyard, might be offset by an increase in the capacity of the remaining part of the dock.
  15. The estimate of future capacity took into account the time probably needed to assemble a (certain type of) ship on the slipway, on the assumption that the yard’s productivity was comparable to a benchmark set by other competing European shipyards.