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social process

social process
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a process involved in the formation of groups of persons




    1. But the student has an obligation because he's more likely to understand the financial and social phenomenon and global realities; it is his obligation being a dynamic factor in a process of change, but also never losing sight of reality.
    2. The dialogue between the social partners could play an important role in this process.
    3. Finalise the process of privatisation or, when appropriate, liquidation of social-owned and state-owned enterprises.
    4. Complete refugee returns Complete the refugee return process, facilitating refugees' economic and social reintegration.
    5. The process of policy making and implementation in relation to medical sharps should be the result of social dialogue;
    6. Complete the process of returnee/refugee return and achieve significant progress towards their economic and social integration.
    7. Further encourage the development of civil society including social partners organisations and their participation in the decision making process.
    8. cooperation on social matters referred to in Article 74 of the Agreement, in particular improvements in living conditions, social protection and the health sector, job creation and promotion of the role of women in the economic and social development process.
    9. The Copenhagen Declaration, agreed by the Ministers for Education of 31 European countries on 30 November 2002, associated the social partners and the candidate countries with this process.
    10. Continue process of restructuring of the armed forces, including as appropriate military conversion and downsizing (taking into account the social impact).
    11. Ensure that the refugee return fund is properly funded and fully operational; contribute to full implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration; complete the process of refugee return and achieve significant progress towards their economic and social integration.
    12. The mutual evaluation process provided for in this Directive should not affect the freedom of Member States to set in their legislation a high level of protection of the public interest, in particular in relation to social policy objectives.
    13. It was also referred that no empirical studies provided precise answers as to how the wage formation process was influenced by a change in the level of social security contributions.
    14. to address broader impacts generated by the adaptation process, possibly related, but not restricted, to employment and social services, land use and environmental restoration, the energy sector, research and innovation and macroeconomic stability.
    15. The privatisation process sought to transform this abstract concept into clearer ownership structures by means of ownership certificates which were distributed to the population. These certificates could be exchanged against shares in formerly ‘social’ companies.