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special assessment

special assessment
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an additional tax levied on private property for public improvements that enhance the value of the property



    1. Special principles for designating conformity assessment bodies
    2. Special rules relating to the designation of conformity assessment bodies
    3. Special attention will be paid to the interfaces between sub-areas, as identified in the port security assessment;
    4. Where adequately measured representative exposure data are available, special consideration shall be given to them when conducting the exposure assessment.
    5. It is however noted that special attention will be given to the further assessment of this claim.
    6. During their assessment, driving examiners shall pay special attention to whether an applicant is showing a defensive and social driving behaviour.
    7. The very purpose of individual notifications is a detailed assessment of the aid in the light of the special circumstances of the case.
    8. Secondly, an overall pharmacological assessment of the active substance shall be provided, with special reference to the possibility of secondary pharmacological effects.
    9. In order to carry out the assessment, the EMCDDA shall convene a special meeting under the auspices of its Scientific Committee.
    10. The Commission may establish detailed rules on the operation of the special reserve under this Article, including the assessment of compliance with eligibility criteria under paragraph 1.
    11. Principal adviser with special interest in public health, advising the Director-General of Directorate General for Health and Consumers on health strategy and supporting the Director of the Public Health and Risk Assessment Directorate.
    12. Applications for a Polish old-age pension under a special scheme, by persons who are entitled to have higher assessment of service counted towards seniority allowance, i.e. raise of old-age pension due to their service, should send appropriate certificates.
    13. Those tax advantages are the subject of a special assessment, under case number NN 38/07, to determine whether they constitute State aid and, if so, whether that aid is compatible with the common market.
    14. The Commission should, on the basis of evidence to be provided by the parties concerned, carry out an assessment and propose an adjustment of the provisions regarding flight and duty time limitations to take account of these special operating models.’;
    15. The CE marking shall be affixed before the toy is placed on the market. It may be followed by a pictogram or any other mark indicating a special risk or use. CHAPTER IV CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT Article 18