Betekenis van:
square off

to square off
  • schikken, vereffenen
  • settle conclusively; come to terms





  1. He went off to the People's Square or somewhere thereabouts.
  2. Address: Near Andulus Square, off Nidal Street, P.O. Box 3270, Baghdad, Iraq.
  3. Addresses: (a) Off Jumhuriya St/Building 166, Nafoora Square, P.O. Box 5796, Baghdad, Iraq; (b) P.O. Box 230, Basrah, Iraq; (c) P.O. Box 14171 Jumhuriya St., Maidan Building No. 9, Baghdad, Iraq.
  4. The weight factor, expressed as a figure taken to two decimal places, shall be the square root of the quotient obtained by dividing by fifty the number of metric tons in the maximum certificated take-off weight of the aircraft as shown in the certificate of airworthiness or any equivalent official document provided by the aircraft operator.