Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • effectenbezit
  • ownership of stocks; the state or fact of holding stock
"prohibition of unrestricted intercorporate stockholding"


Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a specific number of stocks or shares owned




    1. Central stockholding entities
    2. Emergency stocks — Calculating stockholding obligations
    3. Reviews of emergency preparedness and stockholding
    4. Public stockholding for food security purposes [1]
    5. process associated (stockholding, etc., on site of manufacture)
    6. The existence of central stockholding entities (CSEs) in the Community brings those goals closer.
    7. Where a stockholding obligation has been imposed on operators, initiation of bankruptcy or settlement proceedings could be considered to demonstrate the existence of such a risk.
    8. A derogation of that kind should not, however, result in stockholding obligations that differ substantially from those that apply under Directive 2006/67/EC.
    9. When calculating stockholding obligations under Articles 3 and 9 biofuels and additives shall be taken into account only where they have been blended with the petroleum products concerned.
    10. Each Member State may restrict the delegation rights of the economic operators on which it imposes or has imposed stockholding obligations.
    11. The Commission may, in coordination with Member States, carry out reviews to verify their emergency preparedness and, if considered appropriate by the Commission, related stockholding.
    12. It is therefore essential to ensure greater convergence in the standards secured by the stockholding mechanisms in place in the various Member States.
    13. Consequently, economic operators on which such stockholding obligations fall should be able to discharge their obligations by delegation to other economic operators or any one of the CSEs.
    14. It therefore follows that the stockholding obligation for certain Member States should be set on the basis of inland oil consumption and not on the basis of imports.
    15. The methods and procedures for calculating stockholding obligations, as referred to in this Article, may be amended in accordance with the regulatory procedure referred to in Article 23(2).