Betekenis van:

to subcontract
    • work under a subcontract; engage in a subcontract


    to subcontract
      • arranged for contracted work to be done by others



      Zelfstandig naamwoord
        • a contract assigning to another party some obligations of a prior contract



        1. A subcontract notice shall not be required when a subcontract meets the conditions of Article 28.
        2. Information to be included in the subcontract notices referred to in Article 52
        3. Subcontract notices shall be published in accordance with Article 32(2) to (5).
        4. an indication of the proportion of the contract which the service provider or contractor may intend to subcontract.
        5. The conditions under which the contractor may subcontract must be defined in the tender and in the contract.
        6. any intention to subcontract or involve third parties in the euro secure activities for which the manufacturer has security accreditation;
        7. Successful tenderers may publish, in accordance with Article 32, subcontract notices for which advertising is not required.
        8. if applicable, the part of the tasks and related costs that the final beneficiary intends to subcontract to third parties;
        9. Where provided for in the grant agreement, the participants in the indirect action may subcontract certain elements of the work to be carried out to third parties.
        10. Conformity assessment bodies frequently subcontract parts of their activities linked to the assessment of conformity or have recourse to a subsidiary.
        11. a commitment from the tenderer to provide the information required under point (c) on any new subcontractor before awarding a subcontract.
        12. The successful tenderer shall award subcontracts corresponding to the percentage which the contracting authority/entity requires it to subcontract in accordance with the provisions of Title III.
        13. This cooperation may take the form either of a joint venture, or of a subcontract or of on-the-job training of trainees.
        14. No person shall contract or subcontract the transport of animals except to transporters authorised in accordance with Article 10(1) or Article 11(1).
        15. Ulstein was to subcontract to the Szczecin shipyard the production of hulls, and later complete off-shore vessels, for the Ulstein group on market terms.