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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • (law) the act of substituting of one creditor for another



    1. Subrogation in favour of the Agency
    2. The subrogation provided for by paragraph 1 shall extend inter alia to the following:
    3. Each Member State shall be obliged to acknowledge this subrogation as provided for by any other Member State.
    4. The compensation body should have a right of subrogation in so far as it has compensated the injured party.
    5. The transfer of a mortgage on a vessel following debt transfer against payment, contractual subrogation or any other agreement against payment is also subject to 0.5 % registration duty in accordance with Article 92(2) [13] of the said Code.
    6. where the institution responsible for providing benefits is, under the legislation it applies, subrogated to the rights which the beneficiary has against the third party, such subrogation shall be recognised by each Member State;
    7. where the institution of the Member State of residence or stay accords benefits to a person in respect of an injury sustained in its territory, that institution, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation it applies, shall exercise the right to subrogation or direct action against the third party liable to provide compensation for the injury;
    8. In order to facilitate enforcement of the compensation body’s claim against the insurance undertaking where the latter has failed to appoint a claims representative or is manifestly dilatory in settling a claim, the body providing compensation in the injured party’s State should also enjoy an automatic right of reimbursement with subrogation to the rights of the injured party on the part of the corresponding body in the State where the insurance undertaking is established.