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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a subsidiary station where electricity is transformed for distribution by a low-voltage network



    1. Substation equipment
    2. Transformer substation
    3. Borssele substation (NL)
    4. Substation construction work
    5. Substation 1 (A)-Substation 1 (B) no 1
    6. Ernestinovo (Croatia) substation and connecting lines
    7. Renovation of Eesti (EE) substation (330 kV)
    8. Relay panel for power line protection at Shchuchanskaya substation
    9. Cabinet for protection of 220 kV busbar at Shumikha substation
    10. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) substation and connecting lines
    11. The substation control and protection devices in the power supply system shall allow regenerative braking.
    12. Includes 50 m2 control panel, computer control system for Zapadnyy substation and dispatch control equipment for various other related substations
    13. A connection to the national grid carrying 20-100 kV electricity from a local substation, where it is transformed to 6-20 kV.
    14. The voltage and frequency at the terminals of the substation and at the pantograph shall comply with EN 50163:2004, clause 4.
    15. With regard to substation components it has been brought to the Commission's attention that the merged entity would become a monopolist for certain components with the potential to foreclose competitors.