Betekenis van:
surface soil

surface soil
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the layer of soil on the surface




    1. ‘soil’ means the top layer of the Earth’s crust situated between the bedrock and the surface.
    2. route of degradation of imazalil in soil and surface water systems,
    3. keeping away from drains, surface- and ground-water and soil, possible need to alert the neighbourhood,
    4. with minimum risk to soil, air, surface and groundwater, and to plants and animals;
    5. the protection of groundwater and surface water under vulnerable soil and climatic conditions.’
    6. Primary and/or secondary tillage but with reduced soil disturbance (usually shallow and without full soil inversion) and normally leaves surface with > 30 % coverage by residues at planting.
    7. potential pH dependence of soil adsorption, groundwater leaching and surface water exposure for metabolites M01 and M02;
    8. prevent the pollution of soil, surface water and groundwater in accordance, mutatis mutandis, with Article 13(1), (3) and (5);
    9. The environmental damage concerned covers damage to the quality of the soil or of surface water or groundwater.
    10. preventing or minimising leachate generation and surface water or groundwater and soil from being contaminated by the waste;
    11. What provisions have been made to ensure protection of soil, surface waters or groundwater in accordance with Article 8(7)?
    12. The soil should be cultivated to leave a rough surface or coarse seed bed to encourage the infiltration of water and minimise the risk of erosion of soil and associated nutrients.
    13. ‘soil’ means the top layer of the Earth’s crust situated between the bedrock and the surface. The soil is composed of mineral particles, organic matter, water, air and living organisms;
    14. the risk of accumulation in the soil surface, if the substance is used in perennial crops or in succeeding crops in crop rotation.
    15. At least 90 % of the campsite area surface is not covered with asphalt/cement or other sealing materials, which hinder proper drainage and airing of the soil.