Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • beeldsynchroon, lipsynchroon
  • operating in unison




  1. The video signals are synchronised with the sound signal.
  2. the coordination of the development of Community and national components with a view to a synchronised implementation of projects;
  3. the operation of retractable steps may be synchronised with that of the corresponding service or emergency door;
  4. the record of the time in the Community independent transaction log and each registry shall be synchronised to Greenwich Mean Time;
  5. The converter shall convert data in two directions between the C.SIS and Central SIS II and keep C.SIS and Central SIS II synchronised.
  6. the record of the time in the UNFCCC independent transaction log, Community independent transaction log and each registry shall be synchronised, and
  7. Some progress has already been made in implementing parts of this strategy, in particular, in pursuing synchronised fallowing and co-ordinated sea lice treatment, and substantial further progress is anticipated during the period of these measures.
  8. Time synchronisation upon request, each registry administrator shall provide the system time of its registry in order that the consistency between the system time of a registry and the system time of the Community independent transaction log can be checked, and that the two times can be synchronised.
  9. However, in order to ensure consistency of authorisation approaches between different Member States, provisions relating to the synchronised assignment of spectrum and harmonised authorisation conditions should be established at the Community level, without prejudice to specific national conditions compatible with Community law.
  10. This Regulation shall not apply to the exchange of flight data between air traffic control units served by flight data processing systems identified in paragraph 2 for which the flight data covered by this Regulation are synchronised by means of a common system.
  11. To carry out the tasks entrusted to it in the context of the common maritime transport policy, the Commission (Eurostat) should have at its disposal comparable, reliable, synchronised and regular statistical data on the scale and development of the carriage of goods and passengers by sea to and from the Community, between Member States and for domestic sea transport.
  12. Key elements of the restructuring strategy developed by the relevant national authorities in collaboration with the industry include (1) implementation of site optimisation plans to relocate or merge fish farm sites to increase the size of farms over the next two to three years thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs; (2) diversification into other species with the emergence of cod and halibut farming with sites being stocked with white fish species and increasing shellfish growing (however, due to their current financial situation these changes are being severely hampered through lack of funding); (3) the development of more sophisticated environmental carrying capacity tools so as to allow better assessment of the maximum level of consented fish farm biomass which can be permitted whilst maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem, thereby facilitating a move towards larger single farms and greater economies of scale; (4) further use of synchronised fallowing of fish farms within hydrologically linked areas together with co-ordinated sea lice treatment thereby better protecting farmed fish from sea lice infestation and disease, and enhancing smolt survival rates thereby reducing costs, (5) establishment of coordination amongst producer organisations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway with a view to avoiding future problems of severe over-production.