Betekenis van:
take account

to take account
    • be fully aware of; realize fully





    1. We will take your feelings into account.
    2. Statesmen should take public opinion into account.
    3. Statesmen should take account of public opinion.
    4. You must take their ideas into account.
    5. We must take his youth into account.
    6. We should take his youth into account.
    7. You must take his age into account.
    8. You have to take that into account.
    9. We should take into account she is still young.
    10. We must take this matter into account as a whole.
    11. You need not take account of the fact.
    12. Please don't take any trouble on my account.
    13. You should take account of his mental condition.
    14. We should take into account that the train was delayed.
    15. You had better take account of his age.