Betekenis van:
take to

to take to
    • develop a habit; apply oneself to a practice or occupation
    "Men take to the military trades"
    to take to
    • vallen, mogen
    • have a fancy or particular liking or desire for




    1. Take her to surgery.
    2. To take out.
    3. Take it to Tom.
    4. We want to take it.
    5. I need to take notes.
    6. Take me to your leader.
    7. Take care not to fail.
    8. Take me to your place.
    9. Let's take it to Tom
    10. Refuse to take no answer.
    11. Take care not to fall.
    12. I'll take it to Tom.
    13. Let's take it to court.
    14. I'll take them to Kate.
    15. I have to take it.