Betekenis van:
take turns

to take turns
  • afwisselen
  • do something in turns
"We take turns on the night shift"





take turns


  1. We'll take turns.
  2. Let's take turns at running.
  3. Let's take turns rowing the boat.
  4. They had to take turns pushing the car.
  5. My sister and I take turns in cleaning our room.
  6. Since our father is bedridden, we take turns looking after him.
  7. Jack and I agreed to take turns working at the office on Saturdays.
  8. The basis of this system is that the students must take turns in teaching, they have to help each other.
  9. The Parties shall take turns in hosting the meeting unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Using a pipette take 50 ml of the solution and transfer to a 100 ml volumetric flask. Add a few drops of methyl orange solution (3.4) then, carefully and stirring continuously, add hydrochloric acid (3.5) until the liquid turns a definite red.